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Online Services

You may be able to help us, and save yourself time, by using some of the services below.  For details of services that you can self-refer to, click here.

Link to your practice online services:

You can access the links below if a clinician has recommended that you do so – for example, to access a video consultation or send in a photo of a skin problem.  Your practice will issue a password to give you access to this information.

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About online services

Online prescriptions

Please use online prescription requests whenever possible, as this keeps phone lines clear for patients who need to speak to us for other reasons.  However, we understand that there may be some patients who are unable to use online services, and don’t have family/friends to help them with this.  In that case, we request that you avoid phoning on Mondays for repeat prescriptions as this is the day of the week when we see greatest demand on our phone teams.

In this video, our Patient Group secretary Caroline Wilson explains why she finds it useful to use online prescriptions service, and highlights some of the benefits for patients and also our practice teams.

Video Consultations

  • Test your equipment, and find out more here
  • If you are offered a video consultation, click on your practice link above, and use the password that your practice has provided.

Email for photos

It may be helpful for you to email a photo of a skin lesion, a rash or a wound.  Please discuss this first with your GP or practice team.  You will then be given the password for the link above to your practice.

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