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How To

... obtain test results

Please telephone your practice for the results of any tests you have undergone unless you are advised differently by a doctor or nurse. Our reception staff are not qualified to comment on results.  However they may pass on any comments left on your record by a clinician, and they will be pleased to assist you in making an appointment with a GP or practice nurse if further discussion is required.

Please note that we have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release.

... obtain a Fit Note (sick note)

To download an isolation note for Covid-19 symptoms, see this website

  • For the first seven days of any illness, you can self certify using a form that your employer should provide you.  Alternatively you can obtain this form from this government website
    If your employer requires a doctor’s certificate for the first seven days of illness, this is a non-NHS service for a which a fee is applicable.  You should discuss with your employer whether you or they will be liable for this.  Please ask your practice reception team for further details on how to obtain a private medical certificate.
  • If you feel that you need more than seven days off work, you can make a surgery or phone appointment with a GP to request a Fit Note.  This is an NHS service for which there is no charge.

If you are asked to provide a medical certificate other than a Fit Note, this will need to be in the form of a Private Medical Certificate.  We generally recommend speaking to your employer about this further, and clarifying if they will cover this cost.  If there are specific considerations to make regarding your workplace conditions, they will need to organise an Occupational Health assessment.

... see a physiotherapist

If you are self-employed or work for a company of less than 250 employees, and have a problem that is affecting your work, you can refer yourself to NHS Lothian Working Health Services by phoning 0131 537 9579.  They offer a waiting time of 10 days or less for physiotherapy and counselling.

During the coronavirus lockdown period, you can access physiotherapy services via a new phone service, available on 0300 3 690 680.

... change or find out about my hospital appointment

When you have been referred to a specialist for treatment, you can call the NHS Lothian to confirm that you are on the waiting list, and they will often be able to guide you on how long you can expect to wait.

For a factsheet all about this, click here.

  • For Eye Pavilion referrals, call 0131 536 3920
  • For Lauriston Buildings referrals, call 0131 536 1000
  • For New Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh referrals, call 0131 536 1000
  • For Roodlands (East Lothian Community) Hospital referrals, call 0131 536 8300
  • For Royal Hospital for Sick Children referrals, call 0131 536 0000
  • For St. John’s Hospital Livingston referrals, call 01506 523 000
  • For Western General Hospital referrals, call 0131 537 1000

The latest waiting times information for NHS Lothian can be viewed here.

If you need to provide feedback or make a complaint about your clinic appointment or waiting time, please see this page.

... obtain medication that I forgot to bring on holiday with me

If you are visiting our practice area, and have run out of medication that is normally prescribed for you, we realise this can cause some anxiety until your situation is resolved.

  • The easiest and quickest way to obtain forgotten medication is to contact your own GP practice and ask them to fax a prescription to a pharmacy for you to collect.  You will need to liaise with the pharmacy to obtain their fax number, and also to check that they are willing to take a prescription in this way, and to check that they can supply (or obtain) your medication in the time required.
  • Some pharmacists may be able to issue medication on an emergency basis, and this may require a private dispensing fee.  You can read more about this here.
  • If the above steps are not possible, you may need to register with us as a temporary resident.  Please be patient to allow our reception teams to go through the necessary checks, and if necessary, confirm your medication requirements with your own GP.
  • In the out-of-hours period, and when local pharmacies are closed, you should call NHS 111 for further advice if you are worried about missing your medication until normal GP services are open again.  Please be ready to travel, including to an out-of-hours centre in East Lothian and/or to a pharmacy that is open at the time required.

... apply for a 'Blue Badge' for my car

See this page on the East Lothian Council website for more details, and to apply online.  If you require assistance in applying for a Blue Badge, you can contact your local library.

... obtain treatment for an urgent dental problem

Visit this page on the NHS Inform website to find local dental services.  If you have an urgent dental problem in the out-of-hours period you should contact NHS24 by phoning 111.

... request transport for a hospital clinic appointment

To request patient transport from the Scottish Ambulance Service, call 0300 123 1236 or see this page for more information.

... make a 'booking' appointment for a new pregnancy

To access maternity services, simply call 0131 536 2009 and arrangements will be made for a booking appointment with the midwifery team.  A GP appointment is not necessary to refer yourself to this service.

The midwifery team will automatically request any relevant information from your GP. 

... contact my health visitor

Health visitors can be contacted at Dunbar Medical Centre on 01368 861 447 or 01368 861 448.

Health visitors are fully qualified nurses who have had specialist training in the field of health education.  They have a particular responsibility to children under five.

... request aids or equipment to help me around at home

You can request an assessment for this from Occupational Therapy at East Lothian Council by calling 0300 369 0680 or in an emergency 0800 731 6969 .  More information on social work services is available at the ELC Social Work website.

... request a care assessment for me or someone else

To contact social work directly, call 01875 824 309 or in an emergency 0800 731 6969 .  More information on social work services is available at the ELC Social Work website.

... seek advice about, or request a termination of pregnancy

You can self-refer by calling the Chalmers Unit directly on 0131 536 2424 between 9am and 3pm Mon-Fri.

More information about this service is available here.

... request a dosette box for my medication

You can request a dosette box service from your pharmacy.  Please be aware that some of our local pharmacies currently have waiting lists for their dosette box service, so it may be worth checking which pharmacies have availability to offer this service.

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